Studying at Tampere Music Academy

Tampere Music Academy is a unique combination of two music schools with three levels of music education, offering a direct path from a childhood hobby to professional musicianship.

Tampere Conservatoire

  • Music Institute – music and dance playschools, basic music education
  • Conservatoire – upper secondary level vocational music education
  • Tampere University of Applied Sciences
  • Bachelor level professional music studies

Music Institute – Music and Dance Playschools

The aim of early music and dance education is to evoke a positive attitude toward music and dance. Children will get a sense of accomplishment and a solid base for a possible future hobby. They are also encouraged to express themselves through music and dance. Various groups cover 2- to 9-year-olds.

The application period to music and dance playschools is in June. Groups are filled in sign-up order.
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Music Institute – Basic Education

Tampere Conservatoire offers a wide range of quality music and dance education, offering a solid base for a hobby or professional studies.

Basic music education teaches students the basics of their instrument, giving them the skills for both solo and group performance. Making music in ensembles is a part of the education from the beginning – in choirs, orchestras or chamber ensembles.

Basic dance education gives students a wide range of experiences of dance as a dancer, creator and viewer. Students familiarise themselves with various genres, such as ballet, folk dance, jazz and modern dance.

The application period to basic music and dance education is in February/March. The entrance tests take place in April.

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Upper Secondary Level Vocational Studies

Tampere Conservatoire offers full time vocational education in music, music technology and dance. The full-time study programs require independence and genuine motivation. The Conservatoire offers students high quality teaching in a vibrant environment.

A secondary level education in classical music offers the basic skills required to work as a professional musician. The music technology program gives students the required skills to utilise a wide range of musical skills professionally. The dance program offers the basic skills to work as a professional dancer. The length of the programs is 3 years (180 ECTS credits). All programs make students eligible for further academic level studies.

The application period to upper secondary level vocational studies is in March. The entrance exams are held in May.
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Tampere University of Applied Sciences – Bachelor Level Professional Studies

Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) offers Bachelor’s degree programmes for Musician and Music Pedagogue. The aim of the studies is a strong set of core skills: excellent ability to play, sing, compose or teach. There are several lines of study: music pedagogue, music performance, composing and musical theatre.

The application period to Bachelor level studies is in January. The entrance exams are held in May.
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More information about the programs (in Finnish):
Music pedagogue
03 245 2395

Tampere Music Academy for Exchange Students

Tampere Music Academy and Tampere University of Applied Sciences welcome international Bachelor level students to study in Tampere. Since our music programme is taught in Finnish, prospective students are encouraged to contact our international coordinator Sohvi Sirkesalo ( with their study plan to discuss if all the required studies can be arranged in English.

Music Curriculum:

Pedagogue, Choral Conductor

Performance, Composition, Theatre Music and Music Drama

General Information for Exchange Students

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